Find Tags In YouTube.com Video Online

2020.06.25 13:06

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YouTube.com Tags Viewer

The YouTube.com Tags Extractor internet utility allows you to place the web address of any YouTube.com video and you're shown the tags linked to that video.

To run the YouTube.com Tags Viewer to extract all tags for a YouTube video:

  1. Using your browser, Visit the YouTube.com page with the desired video.
  2. Copy to clipboard (CTRL + C) the chunk of the videos url that follows youtube.com/watch?v= and is a series of 10 or so numbers/letters which will look like xkd34kdDkde.
  3. Paste (CTRL + V) that part into the text box and click the View & Extract YouTube Tags button.
  4. All the tags/keywords for the video will appear below.

Youtube.com Videos URL Part After
Extract Video Tags

The section of the videos internet address to copy & paste into this YouTube tags viewer utility

Part of the video internet address to copy and paste into the YouTube.com tags viewer tool.

What are YouTube.com Tags/Keywords and Why They are Crucial for your YouTube.com Videos Visibility?

Tags are another word for keywords. They're words that describe what the YouTube.com videos content is.

Let's assume your video is regarding how to extract tags from youtube video online

These are examples of good video tags:

  • how to extract tags from youtube video online
  • extract tags from youtube video online
  • extract tags from youtube video
  • extract youtube video tags
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Note, from the above tags/keywords, the first one is the most important keyword phrase, followed by modificatioins of the starting keyword how to extract tags from youtube video online.

YouTube.com tags/keywords are significant due to the fact they're part of a complex algorithm YouTube.com uses to determine at what position & if the video appears in the related videos. If you use the proper keywords, your YouTube video will be visible in in the similar video section of YouTube, similar to yours, which means more eyeballs who will see your YouTube video and this means more views of YOUR video on YouTube.com. YouTube tags can also have to do with the Video appearing in search engine search results.